Zia Mohiuddin Dagar

Posted 2013-08-12

The Dagar family are the keepers of the oldest of the North Indian (Hindustani) classical traditions, Dhrupad. Ustad’s father Ziauddin Dagar was the court musician in Udaipur. Other lineages of the family were at the service of other courts for many generations. In 1968 Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar (1929-1990) did his first recording on his giant been, the rudra veena that he had designed. The recording was done in a private flat in Chembur on a quiet morning and was later released on a french label, B.A.M. with the name Raga Mangebushan. It is since long out of print. That morning Ustad did two takes of the same raga and we had considerable difficulties to choose which one to release since they were equally good and we finally settled on the first take. Ustad’s son Bahauddin Dagar has since corrected the name of the raga to Gangeyabushan. The Amigo album Amigo 906 is the second take from that very morning and I am sure that the lucky few who have both recordings will find a comparison very rewarding. Before Ustad had constructed his giant rudra veena he played the sitar, and what a sitar player he was! Very few people have heard him play the sitar and there are no recordings besides the one we released. This Mishra Bhairavi was recorded at one of the sunday concerts he held in his house in Chembur every week. It was first released on LP in Sweden but Amigo 907 is the original one long track. On september 26 2011 we released the follow up of the duet with his brother Fariduddin Dagar (1932-2013), Raag Malkauns (CE02) that we released in 2005. This is a morning raga, Miyan Ki Todi (CE19) that actually was recorded on the morning following the evening raga recording in february 4, 1968. On the press page you will find a presskit w hires photos and info about the latest releases.

On march 6, 2015 (Pandit Taranath’s 100 years birthday) we released an digital-only album w Pandit Taranath. On this album, Ustad plays lehra for his solo – on sitar!

In October 2015 we released one album with Ustad and Taranathji together, Live in Stockholm 1969

Now Ustad presents a number of old Dhrupad songs together with his brother in front of the Maharaja of Dungarpur. Recorded in 1968, the album is aptly titled Dhrupad and is one of three digital releases we do in 2018. Here is a very informative and deep article on the origins of Dhrupad and review of our 2018 albums by Raul da Gama in World Music Report, Dagar Dynasty: The mysticism of Dagar “Vani” Dhrupad

On November 10, 2023 one more Bhairavi played by Ustad on sitar will be released. It was recorded as the end of a private concert by the Junior Dagar Brothers on January 19, 1968

A link to a page with several good videos with Ustad.
A link to the movie Dhrupad by Mani Raul from 1982

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