Raag Gangeyabushan

Zia Mohiuddin Dagar

Raga Gangeyabushan (Amigo 906)
1. Alap
2. Jor, Jhala

In 1968 Ustad did his first recording on his giant been, the rudra veena that he had designed. The recording was done in a private flat in Chembur on a quiet morning and was later released on a french label, B.A.M. with the name Raga Mangebushan. It is since long out of print. That morning Ustad did two takes of the same raga and we had considerable difficulties to choose which one to release since they were equally good and we finally settled on the first take. Ustad’s son Bahauddin Dagar has since corrected the name of the raga to Gangeyabushan. Here is the second take from that very morning and I am sure that the lucky few who have both recording will find a comparison very rewarding.


  1. Alap (19:40)
  2. Jor, Jhala (25:25)


Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, rudra veena
K. Sridhar, tamboura

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Here is the original french LP-cover from the first release of Raag Gangeyabushan, at that time called Mangeyabushan:

and here is Ustad in the classical position with his rudra veena, a position he was not able to have in concerts since his been was much bigger than the instrument in earlier times:
The last existing copies of this album are available from Country & Eastern.