“Guldkatt” Award for C&E!

Posted 2011-03-09

Bengt Berger was awarded the Golden Cat, Guldkatten, at the Swedish Jazz Celebration in Luleå on march 24. There was a short concert with the new Beches Brew – Northern Edition with young musicians from up north: Emma Asplund, Robin Jonsson, Daniela Kelling, Samuel Muntlin, Hampus Sjöstedt and Oscar Sterte. Here is some info about the event. The concert was broadcasted live and it’s possible to hear the concert if you look around there. Here is a pic of the band

Country & Eastern stuff is often nominated. Our latest three albums have all been nominated for Grammy and/or Manifest awards (Beches Brew, Türlü and Blåslåtar) but never win. Our album with the Bitter Funeral Beer Band‘s live concert from Frankfurt was also nominated for a grammy. Also, Bengt Berger has been nominated for Django d’Or for three years without winning 

Also C&E artist Jonas Knutsson and Haci Tekbilek are nominated as Artist of the Year at the swedish Folk- and World Music gala on april 16.

Moreover, we have our own awards, The Country & Eastern Awards. A new one will be presented during this spring.