Two new C&E releases on October 14

Posted 2022-10-14

Dagar Brothers Junior in a one-and-half hour long Raag Multani with the unique tabla accompaniment of Ustad Z.M. Dagar!
On October 14, 2022 at 5 p.m. we release Kummelholmen Sustain Session at the site itself. You find it at Vårholmsbackarna 120, 127 44 Skärholmen, near Vårberg Subway station. We will play a small concert inside the cistern but we will only allow 30 people and you need to have protecting clothes. The event is free but if you need one of the ten overalls we have you need to reserv one and pay 200 SEK for it at

Kummelholmen Sustain Session is a suite with four parts and a short bonus track by Lars Almkvist, Bengt Berger and Martin Jonsson recorded in the oil cistern at Kummelholmen Art Gallery.