Two death anniversaries from Chembur

Posted 2014-04-22

K. Shivakumar is playing on the albums with Swamy Haridhos and on the album “Karnatic  Harmonium” together with harmonium wizard Muthunathesa Bhagvatar and P.S. Devarajan. Hear their ragam in Puriya-Kalyan.

Ravi Bellare is the soloist on two of our albums. On the great duo recording from their guru Shamsuddin Khan’s Punyathitit in 1968 with his twin brother Shashi (the two of them actually started the tabla jugalbandi trend in the fifties). Here is a link to the first part of his solo from a private concert in Chembur where he is demonstrating the techniques of Peshkar, the opening of a tabla solo in Farukhabad gharana. This is from our album “A Private Tabla Concert At Indorkar’s – Chembur 1968”