Thomas Mera Gartz suddenly snatched away on april 29, 2012

Posted 2012-05-01

Thomas Mera Gartz was one of the main actors in the progressive music movement in Sweden during the last 50 years, always giving all his heart and soul in many great musical surroundings, most famously in Träd, Gräs och Stenar. He also played in Arbete & Fritid, Bitter Funeral Beer Band and many other groups. Though primarily a drummer he also sang and played other instruments and was a visual artist and writer as well. See his homepage.

Here is a video from a concert with The Bitter Funeral Beer Band where after a funeral introduction by Bengt-Emil Jonsson, and some 20 minutes of Funeral Dance, Mera expresses the sorrow we all feel at his death on his tenor saxophone.

Bitter Funeral Beer Band, Stockholm 1984 – Thomas Mera Gartz in memoriam