Thomas Gustafsson, saxophones

Posted 2016-05-03

He plays the tenor and the soprano saxophone as if they were a prolongation of himself. His way of playing is impulsive, exploratory and in constant motion. He has always gone his own way musically, happily throwing himself out in the open, constantly reinventing and pushing the boundaries of what constitutes music.”

 S:t Thomas Gustafsson, the first “Swedish National Treasure” awardee is a frequent participator in Country & Eastern projects since the time of the Bitter Funeral Beer Band in the early 80’s playing an important part in the See You In A Minute and Beches Brew albums and in various live projects. During his 40 years as a professional musician he has played with some of the most prominent jazz musicians; Anders Jormin, Anders Kjellberg, Bobo Stenson, Audun Kleive, Lina Nyberg, Lindha Kallerdahl and many more.