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Posted 2016-09-02

Presenting the participants, great musicians from India, Ghana and Sweden. Today we introduce violin and vocal by Akkarai Sisters, khanjira by Shree Sundarkumar and mridangam by Jayachandra Rao.

Akkarai Subhalakshmi and Akkarai Sornalatha are two of the major Karnatic musicians today, wellknown as the Akkarai Sisters. They are not only violinists extraordinaire but fabulous singers as well. Sornalatha played with us last december in Chennai and we are extremely happy that her elders sister Subhalakshmi liked our music and comes along for the October tour. They will be joined by two incredible percussionists, mridangam vidwan Jayachandra Rao and khanjira vidwan Shree Sundarkumar, also known as “Kanjira Man”. Here are presentations of the Akkarai Sisters and team. Apart from the concerts we do together, there will be some concerts with pure Karnatic music that you don’t want to miss. Find our schedules below.