The artists

Posted 2013-02-06

Lena Willemark vocal, violin, viola

With her folk music walking staff, Lena always finds her personal expression in new musical terrains. She stands out as one of the most versatile artists in northern europe, and has become a major voice in swedish folk and improvised music, a singer breaking new grounds.

Jonas Knutsson,  saxophones

With his big musical appetite and strong presence Jonas gives his own imprint in every setting where he takes part, always on the move in today’s music. Like the other trio members Jonas is a most important member in a variety of musical projects, some of them on Country & Eastern.

Mats Öberg, keyboards, harmonica

Mostly known as half of Mats & Morgan, Mats has played with everybody from Frank Zappa to Carola. He started performing at the age of 9 and is considered one of Sweden’s greatest music profiles. Mats also leads his own trio.