Country & Eastern Productions

Posted 2011-01-20

The group Berger Knutsson Spering was what actually triggered the start of the C&E label in 2005, due to the fact that the Amigo label that had released our first three albums found that we did not bring in enough money to the Bonnier family that had bought the label. So they did not want to release our new album. Well, why not do it on our own we thought.

So I, Bengt Berger, of  the Berger Knutsson Spering trio took charge of the whole thing, thinking that from my studies in India and Ghana I have a lot of unique and very valuable recordings of great music that had been released in a very limited fashion and that we could think of a lot of other music that we were involved in that was screaming for release .
We asked some friends to donate 5.000 SEK each so that we could get started and got enough money for the first releases and ever since we release music with the following  guidelines:

Country & Eastern will produce live music and albums with what we consider Great music regardless of style. The common factor is quality. Among our priorities:
1. some of the greatest names in Hindustani and Karnatic music from the 60’s onwards
2. unique and unknown village music from Ghana in the 70’s
3. Bitter Funeral Beer Band with and without Don Cherry in the 80’s
4. Chinese Cricket Ensembles in minimalistic organic mixing, in various constellations with and without human musicians
5. great music that is beeing created now in swedish/international collaborations
6. anything that tickles our fancy-

Some of the people closely connected with C&E are 
Jon Edergren of Electric Boogie who is in charge of the graphic profile and all covers and other visuals,
Sigge Krantz who is in charge of the sound,
Omar Berger, legal stuff and
Göran Kindlund who does all the dirty work.

Some of our musicians: Lars Almqvist, Ammaso Akapuma Group, Mohan Balvally, Muthunathesa Bhagvatar, Bengt Berger, Petter Berndalen, Bitter Funeral Beer Band, Christer Bothen, Viktor Buck, Daniel Carlsson, Don Cherry, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Neneh Cherry, Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar, Manab Das, Ismet Demirhan, Sopan Dev, P.S. Devarajan, Bengt Ernryd, Tobias Ersson, Lars Fredriksson, Dilip Gadekar, Stefan Grapenmark, Thomas Gustafsson, Åsa  Johansson, Bengt Jonasson, Vasantrao Kadnekar, Jonas Knutsson, Sigge Krantz, Maruti Kurdekar, Stefan Lakatos, Jan Liljekvist, Sadanand Naimpalli, Ritwik Sanyal, Pradip Sarmokadam, Shipra Nandy, Christian Spering, K. Shivakumar, Per Sjöberg, K. Sridhar, Swamy Haridhos, Alexandra Särström, Pandit Taranath Rama Rao,  Haci Tekbilek, Per Tjernberg, Klas Toresson, Kjell Westling, Hanna Wiskari, Sebastian Åberg, Mats Öberg.

We are extremely grateful to the people that contributed money to start the company:
Omar Berger, Petter Berndalen, Daniel Carlsson, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Jon Edergren, Bengt Ernryd, Thomas Gustafsson, Sara Häggman, Sofi Häggman, Åsa  Johansson, Bengt Jonasson, Barbro Jönsson, Gittan Jönsson, Hampus Jönsson, Josefin Jönsson, Göran Kindlund, Jonas Knutsson, Sigge Krantz, Bernt Lindquist, Bengt Nordenbrand, Milo Petrén, Claes Ringqvist, Christian Spering, Alexandra Särström, Klas Toresson, Lena Wallin, Hanna Wiskari, Jonas Wittelfeldt, Prudence Woodford-Berger, Sebastian Åberg, Bengt Berger