Some sincere Praise!

Posted 2023-08-15

Hello Bengt:
Trust you are well. I am writing to advise that I have bought the Mohi Bahauddin Dagar ‘Ahir-Bhairav’.

I must congratulate you on bringing these veritable gems in the public domain. The quality of sound/recording on Spotify are superlative – I have heard the Mishra Bhairavi on the Sitar and Raag Gangeyabhushan.

Similarly, I was also taken in by the recording of Raag Kalavati. Ustad’s explanation about the employment of the syllables of Hari, Om and Narayan in the Dhrupad tradition particularly struck a chord with me further embellishing that this art form is not an art form in the colloquial sense, rather it is divinity personified and its pursuit is in aid of realising the Supreme, the Complete, the Universal and the Infinite!

These recordings are made in 1968, the year I was born and therefore hold a special place in my mind!

Thanks again.
Amod Pradhan, Australia