Stora Blå


  1. Spiral (5:55)
  2. Korridor (4:04)
  3. XO (7:42)
  4. Hoppa Känguru (6:47)
  5. Happiness (5:18)
  6. Duende (1:40)
  7. Desireless/Speechless (9:08)
  8. Abbessinien (4:30)


Christer Bothén: Tenor xylophone, piano, composer, teacher
Jennie Lind: Tenor xylophone, piano, vocal
Manfred Lindqvist: Tenor xylophone
Caroline Tangus: Bass xylophone, vibes
Tomas Fogelholm: Bass xylophone, vocal
Santiago Angulo Rubio: Bass xylophone, vocal
Emiel Sietsema: Percussion
Daniel Söderblom: Percussion
Anders Jalmeus: Percussion, vocal

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All music by Christer Bothén except Desireles/Speechless by Don Cherry/Christer Bothén and Duende by Caroline Tangus and Christer Bothén.
Recorded at Stora Blå, August 24–28 2014 by Sigge Krantz. Mixing Sigge Krantz. Mastering Claes Persson, CrP recording.
Photos Anna Intemann. Translation Fred Lane.
Cover art Christian Witting, Stora Blå Kultur
Graphic design Jon Edergren, Spektra.
Produced by Christer Bothén and Bengt Berger with support by Kulturrådet.
Thanks to Auris AB, Innovative Percussion and Nytida’s day centre Stora Blå kultur – and not least Anders Jalméus, Stora Blå’s leader.

all records by Xylofonorkestern (The Xylophone Orchestra)