A Private Tabla Concert at Indorkar’s – Chembur 1968

Shashi & Ravi Bellare

This is a truly nostalgic tabla solo. Pandit Ravi Bellare begins with taking you through a traditional Farukhabad Peshkar as it must have been performed decades ago. Ravi explains and plays the intricate details of the Peshkar, showing us the poetic nature behind it. After the elaborate exploration of the peshkar Ravi plays a variety of composition types, Kaidas, Relas, Gats, Parans, Chakradhars and many authentic Farukhabad compositions as well as rare Kudow Singh Gharana Gats only to be heard from a true master like Ravi. He captivates the listener with each composition and you can constantly hear the audience’s excitement as the sum, the climax of the composition is reached. His mastery of Padant (recitation) is also phenomenal and precise. Many rare compositions are recited and then played in this recording and can be heard with great clarity.

Ravi proves to the audience that even after having been away from practice for more than twenty years, his hands and memory are in full form. To the layman this recording will be a treat to listen to, for the aspiring student it will be a life long pursuit to master the art and play it the way Ravi Bellare plays it in this incredible intimate solo recital.

During a recent meeting with the gurubhais i India I learned that the harmonium is played by Shantaram Jadhav, I did not know that at the time of the release.


  1. 1 TEENTAL - VILAMBIT (28:08)
  2. 1 TEENTAL - DRUT (22:40)