Raga Puria-Kalyan

Ram Narain

Raga Puria-Kalyan (Amigo 901)
1. Alap
2. Gat in Vilambit Teental
3. Gat in drut Teental

Pandit Ram Narayan, brother of Chatur Lal (the first tabla player to impress the western world on a larger scale in the company of Ravi Shankar), ranks as the most eminent sarangi player of today. His novel style of musical expression has changed the role of the sarangi forever, from that of an accompanying instrument to a full grown solo instrument. Take particular note of his alap in Puria Kalyan, perhaps the best this writer has heard him play.

Suresh Talwalkar, Ramnarain, Bengt Berger in concert, Stockholm 1971

The last existing copies of this album are available from Country & Eastern.

Here is a video of Ramnarain with Suresh Talwalkar from Shiraz Arts Festival


  1. Raga Puria-Kalyan - Alap (24:58)
  2. Raga Puria-Kalyan - Gat In Vilambit Teental (13:31)
  3. Raga Puria-Kalyan - Gat In Drut Teental (6:19)


Pandit Ram Narayan, sarangi
Suresh Talwalkar, tabla
Hans Isgren, tamboura

Recorded in Stockholm, November 23, 1974
Recording engineer  Nils Edström
Original producers – Hans Isgren, Jörgen Adolfsson
Re-release producers – Göran Petersson, Bengt Berger

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