Maha Taal Yaag

Sadanand Naimpalli

Country & Eastern is very happy to present Sadanand Naimpalli’s groundbreaking album where he plays half hour long solos in talas of 7, 8, 9 ,10, 11, 12, 13, 14 , 15 and 16 beats. This album was recorded during 2017 and is in MP3 format only. It will soon be available in digital format and for streaming but today you can only by it as a CD.

One is awestruck at the sheer amount of literature, compositions, creations and bandishes that have enriched tabla but it would be relevant to point out that most of this knowledge is Teen Taal oriented. This is what inspired Pandit Sadanand Naimpalli, a reputed tabla player and guru, student of Pandit Taranath, to produce this compendium of different taals in solo format to popularise solo playing in a wider spectrum of taals. In this endeavour Sadanandji has displayed exemplary techniques in developing and performing solos in different taals, ranging from Roopak of seven matras to Teen Taal of sixteen matras. The repertoire includes all the important heads in the language of tabla such as peshkaars, kaidas, relas, gaths, tukdas, mohras, tihaais and chakradaars as played in various gharanas of tabla.

See what today’s most famous tabla maestros have to say about this presentation that will be a “must have” for all proponents of tabla from students to cognoscenti.

Ustad Zakir Hussein: “This epic undertaking by Sadanand Ji is a must hear recording for all tabla enthusiasts everywhere. Most tabla gurus of time gone by, in spite of being proficient in presenting solos in a number of taals, preferred to play in Teen Taal. The reason might have been that most of the repertoire written for tabla was in Teen Taal. Keeping that in mind, Sadanand Ji’s effort is doubly commendable. He obviously had to compose a bunch of compositions in these tails and that involved practice to become proficient in the presentation of and of course finding the right niklas for these compositions. I wish Sadanand Ji big success for this project an pray that he continues his work of educating tabla students as well as preserving and nurturing this fabulous tradition.”

Pandit Anindo Chatterjee: “It is an incredible feat that Sadanand Ji has performed – recording of ten different taals in solo format. Sadanand Ji has displayed exemplary techniques in developing the traditional format of tabla solo repertoire in diverse taals. This album is a must have for all young tabla players and even for professionals. Me and my family wish him long life.”

Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri: “I am very happy that Pandit Sadanand Naimpalli is releasing this tabla solo album. I have known him for a long time. He is a great performer and a great tabla teacher. His knowledge of tabla is appreciated by all tabla players and tabla gurus including myself. The tabla world will be very happy to listen to this wonderful tabla solo where he is heard playing old and rare taals and compositions. Tabla students will be benefited by listening to this album. My love and good wishes to him.”

Pandit Suresh Talwalkar: Pandit Sadanand Naimpalli deserves special mention for his efforts at performing in a variety of taals other than Teen Taal. He has been able to do this keeping the sanctity of the traditional compositions and bandishes intact in this exercise. Though mathematics plays an important part it is imperative that the creation is poetic in nature and that it falls within the ambit of the taal. This is exactly how Pandit Sadanand Ji has gone about the task. More importantly he has inspired the next generation of tabla players to be innovative, keeping tradition alive. In this I give my heartfelt best wishes for his success.”

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  1. Roopak Taal - 7 matras (33:51)
  2. Madhya Laya Teen Taal - 8 matras (33:10)
  3. Vasant Taal - 9 matras (34:50)
  4. Jhaptaal - 10 matras (32:20)
  5. Chaartaal Ki Savari - 11 matras (31:52)
  6. Ektaal - 12 matras (31:10)
  7. Shankh Taal - 13 matras (30:22)
  8. Aadachoutaal - 14 matras (33:58)
  9. Pancham Savari - 15 matras (33:23)
  10. Teen Taal - 16 matras (34:58)


With Jayesh Rege, tabla

Sameer Naimpalli, harmonium

Sandeep Mishra, sarangi