Horn Please – extra takes

Jonas Knutsson

Some extra material from the Horn Please sessions on ce08 Horn Please!
Swedish saxophone great Jonas Knutsson has been leading this group with some of the best of the young swedish folk musicians for two years in a music that flows from the traditional to the newly composed and from the strictly arranged to the freely improvised. Six saxophones plus bass and percussion – you haven’t heard anything like it before.



  1. Horn Please (1:42)
  2. Polska efter Klockar Andersson (4:01)
  3. Matshanso Mats´polska (2:00)
  4. Sound Horn (3:22)
  5. Vals från Vilhelmina (1:55)


Hanna Wiskari,  soprano sax
Daniel Carlsson, sopranino, soprano, alto sax
Jonas Knutsson, soprano,alto, baritone sax
Klas Toresson, soprano, tenor sax
Åsa Johansson, soprano, tenor sax
Alexandra Särström, soprano, baritone sax
Bengt Jonasson, electric, acoustic bass
Petter Berndalen, percussion

Recorded June 18-20 2007 by Sigge Krantz at Studio Gammelgården, Ösmo
Mixed by Sigge Krantz Mobila
Mastered by Claes Persson, CRP Recording
Produced by Jonas Knutsson & Bengt Berger
Design & Photo by Edergren, Electric Boogie

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Horn Please Extra – soloists:
01 Horn Please Jonas Knutsson soprano sax
03 Mats Hansoo Mats´polska Alexandra Särström soprano sax Jonas Knutsson baritone sax
04 Sound Horn Klas Toresson tenor saxDownload a cover for your mp3 download.

Press release: C&E News october 2007

Horn Please is one of the top ten albums in the december/january issue of brittish fROOTS magazine. Here is their review.
Awarded the « Recommandé » TRAD MAG award by Trad Magazine, France