Piece In Peace

Elisabeth Engdahl & Thomas Gustafsson

“All around are to be found empty acoustic rooms and silent organ pipes waiting to be filled with new music. Churches are increasingly-important concert venues and with these pieces Elisabeth Engdahl and Thomas Gustafsson have created music to fill the vaults with sounds to vibrate far beyond their walls.” – Niklas Rådström


  1. 1 Piece in Peace (3:30)
  2. 2 Root Song (4:01)
  3. 3 Twelve (3:05)
  4. 4 Open Sky (3:40)
  5. 5 Java (3:13)
  6. 6 My Song (4:00)
  7. 7 Magma (3:12)
  8. 8 Song for Jenny (2:51)
  9. 9 A Remark you Made (5:05)
  10. 10 In a Silent Way (2:11)
  11. 11 Pine (3:05)
  12. 12 November (4:09)
  13. ()


Elisabeth Engdahl, church organ
Thomas Gusafsson, soprano saxophone

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Recorded on january 16, 2012 in Christinæ Kyrka, Gothenburg.
Recording and mix by TG
Mastered by Claes Persson, CRP
Photo by Emelie Asplund
English translation by Fred Lane
Cover by Jon Edergren, Electric Boogie
Produced by Bengt Berger & Thomas Gustafsson
Released in October 2012

“Recorded in the Chrystinae Kyrka in Gothenburg earlier this year, this album features Elisabeth Engdahl on the church organ, and Thomas Gustaffson on soprano saxophone. It’s pretty incredible to hear how those two instruments blend together. Next to the original compositions the duo also recorded Keith Jarrett’s ‘My Song’ and the late Joe Zawinul’s ‘A Remark You Made’ and ‘In A Silent Way’. A fine discovery.” – United Mutations.

Swedish reviews: GP, Tidningen Kulturen
Lira: “Det blir så oerhört vackert att jag blir alldeles tårögd”