at Royal College of Music, Stockholm

Akkarai Sisters

When Akkarai Sisters, Jayachandra Rao and Shree Sundarkumar visited Sweden for performances with Beches Brew in 2016 they also gave some concerts of pure Karnatic classical music that impressed the Swedish audiences. We are happy to make their stunning concert at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm available to music lovers everywhere.



Here is a fine review from Eyal Hareuveni in Salt Peanuts


  1. Sarasuda - Saveri Varnam (9:09)
  2. Maha Ganapatim - Nattai (8:55)
  3. Bantu Riti - Hamsanadam (17:12)
  4. Raghu Vamsha - Kadana Kutuhalam (10:03)
  5. Rāgam - Charukeshi (11:54)
  6. Tānam - Charukeshi (6:49)
  7. Pallavi - Charukeshi (26:30)
  8. Tani Avartanam - Charukeshi (24:04)
  9. Tillana - Mand / Mangalam - Saurashtram (7:17)


Subhalakshmi and Sornalatha Akkarai, violin
Jayachandra Rao, mridangam
Shree Sundarkumar, khanjira
Recorded by Sigge Krantz at KMH, Stockholm October 26, 2016
Mixed and mastered by Maurice Mogard
Produced by Bengt Berger and Maurice Mogard
Graphic design by Jon Edergren, Spektra.
Thanks to Ellika Frisell, Royal College of Music, Stockholm and Mats Einarsson
Album released on November 20, 2020

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The greatest music festival in the world, the legendary December Season in Chennai, Margazhi, where more than a thousand concerts are held during one month is not happening this year due to Covid 19. But last year, celebrated Swedish sound engineer Maurice Mogard visited India during the 2019 season with us and recorded some of todays greatest performers from North and South.

We are happy to present six full concerts from last year (actually one of them, a lovely Karnatic violin duet was recorded in Stockholmin 2016). These albums are all released on November 19, 2020:

CEX27 Seshampatti Sivalingam: Nagaswaram

CEX28 Mohi Bahauddin DagarAhir Bhairav

CEX29 Sadanand Naimpalliat Aamad Pratishthan

CEX30 Akkarai Sisters: at Narada Gana Sabha

CEX31 Malladi Brothers: at Mylapore Fine Arts

CEX32 Akkarai Sisters: at Royal College of Music, Stockholm Violin duet

The cover photos are from the Descent of the Ganges relief in Mahaballipuram.