Again and Again


  1. DJINNA MOSSOUW (3:11)
  2. MALI DONSO N`GONI (3:44)
  3. POJKARNA PDL (5:23)
  4. BALASONG (2:52)
  5. THE JUNGLE (5:56)
  6. HAGA (2:46)
  7. INNOCENCE (5:06)
  8. AGAIN (14:42)


Kjell Westling, flutes, ballani, bass clarinet, sopranino and alto saxophones
Christer Bothén, guimbri, donso n’goni, ballani, bass clarinet, tenor sax, piano
Nikke Ström, bass
Bengt Berger, drums, mridangam, calebash

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“The quartet organically blends South-Indian musical tradition with West-African traditions, with a strong sense of Ornette Coleman’s Harmolodics method of free improvisation. The seven lost pieces from the seventies sessions of the quartet shine with vibrant joy and innocence, played with an intense rhythmic drive and urgency, still sound fresh and relevant for a new age that consumes these glorious traditions in a synthesized world-music arrangements.”

“Even today, the Spjärnsvallet trio proves its telepathic, rhythmic interplay and its poetic and the imaginative manner of articulation of ideas, strong and beautiful as it ever was.”

– Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

“På …. Spjärnsvallets “Again & Again” finns således en samling outgivna, men tidlösa spår från 1975; trumfester, xylofonpartyn, sköna Mali-inspirerade flöjtmelodier och en stunds friblås.” – Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan

“Låtarna sprudlar av lustfylld energi” – Patrik Sandberg, Orkesterjournalen

All recorded august 26, 1975 except:
AGAIN recorded at Studio Pannhuset 20140824 by Magnus Persson and
INNOCENCE, recorded at Blue Rock Studios, N.Y. 1973

Mastered by Claes Persson, CRP Recordings
Photo Viktor Gårdsäter
Graphic design Jon Edergren, Spektra
Produced by Bengt Berger
Thanks to Lars Westin