May 22: Legendary tabla soloists – two albums w Ravi & Shashi Bellare

Posted 2012-05-08

On may 22 Country & Eastern will release a digital-only album with a tabla solo by Ravi Bellare, recorded in a private concert 1968. At the start of the solo Raviji demonstrates how peshkar (the opening variations of the theka, the basic composition for the tala) really should be played. What you hear here you are not likely to find in modern day tabla playing. Take note also of how calmly he starts, taking his time to settle into the mood. He is greatly missed. You find the opening six minutes here:

On the same day, may 22nd, we also release a cd with Ravi playing together with his also legendary twin brother Shashi who sadly passed on february 28 this year. This duet was played at the death anniversary of their grand guru Ustad Shamsuddin Khan on april 13, 1968. As it was the first time in many years the brothers played together the hall was packed with tabla players. The opening of that concert at