Rave reviews for BLUE BLUE by Berger Knutsson Spering Schultz!

Posted 2015-10-26

We were quite pleased with our album Blue Blue, but is it really THAT good?

“Relationships come easy although the core trio has announced that after 19 years it is ‘acquiring’ its fourth member: guitarist Max Schultz, a rare honour for the guitarist indeed. Upon reflection – even after the first hearing, actually – it’s hard to imagine a finer album from a contemporary quartet. This is very fine instrumentalism. Christian Spering’s mastery of his bass can produce a particularly intense legato which the bassist exploits with great artistry. Jonas Knutsson is, to my mind, one of the greatest exponents of the saxophone. His breath-control is almost superhuman and he has the ability to play long, loping lines as if he were a mad gazelle crazy with the first spoor of rain. Bengt Berger is one of the finest percussion colourists in and outside Sweden. He writes as he plays – with frequent changes of mood and tempo and always sounds melodic. And now the guitarist Max Schultz brings a sweetness and intensity to the music of this itinerant trio.” – Raul da Gama – JazzdaGama

Yes, obviously, and here are some more reviews, mostly in Swedish:
From Sweden: Jonas Cornell, DN; Björn G Stenberg, UNT; Thord Ehnberg, DIG; Gunnar Wiklund, Folkbladet; Mattias Gustafsson, Ung Tro; Leif Wigh, Orkesterjournalen
From Norway: Tor Hammerø-blogg
From Finland: Jan-Erik Holmberg, Hufvudstadsbladet