Jonas Knutsson: Blåslåtar – CE16

Posted 2011-03-15

Sopranino, soprano, alto and baritone saxophones, Jonas Knutsson
Recorded and mixed by Janne Hansson.
Mastered by Claes Persson, CRP.
Produced by Jonas Knutsson.
Executive producer: Bengt Berger.
Photos by Anna Simonsson.
Cover by Jon Edergren/Electric Boogie.
English Translation: Camille Toresson French Translation: Bernard Legros

Additional photos available in the Press-kit that also includes the album booklet with liner notes in swedish, english and french;

Video with Jonas from the release concert:

"one of the finest albums made by any saxophonist in a very long time. Knutsson plays no less than 31 folk songs from a large swathe of Sweden—original music written for and almost never played on anything but the traditional fiddle and nyckelharp. Both instruments can be played with limitless glissandi and vibrato, because they are stringed instruments and require that the musician use only his fingers and hands, parts of the body that can be taught to play at various speeds, continuously, for a very long time. What Knutsson does here, however, is nothing short of miraculous, as he has commanded his body to breathe according to his whim and not involuntarily as most humans do." says Raul d’Gama Rose, in All About Jazz in one of the greatest reviews ever seen

Swedish reviews from LiraSvD and Corren:
"Spelet slingrar som en melodikåt orm mellan takterna.

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