Our new albums are in the mail today

Posted 2015-08-11

Is child labour and old people with a pension necessary to run a record label today?

Today our three september releases are being posted to the media. If you are one of the people who will receive them, rejoice; if not you can buy them from september 9 when they are released. Newsletters will be e-mailed tomorrow, if you want in on the list drop us a mail to info@countryandeastern.se

ce_news_aug15_engTHUMBand in Swedish: ce_news_aug15_sweTHUMB

During the next few days we will present the albums more thoroughly

On september 9 we are happy to release three great new albums in three genres: modern jazz with Berger Knutsson Spering Schultz, text- and folk music based improvisation with Thomas Tidholm and Jonas Knutsson plus a historic live Dhrupad recording on rudra veena and pakhawaj from 1969 when Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar and Pandit Taranath (whose centenary celebrations are conducted in India this year) visited Stockholm after their first tour to U.S.
One piece from each of the albums is available at Soundcloud, but you find more info if you klick them.

ce34_cover ce35_coverce36_cover

Our streaming policy is to wait for one year with giving the music away so if you are as eager to hear this as you ought to be, buy the albums or download them from our site or elsewhere.