OLD AND NEW DREAMS -our new club, next on saturday 28/2

Posted 2015-02-22


Musical meetings on the last saturday every month

January 31 LAS VEGA was back with a new musical meeting place named after the great jazz group Old and New Dreams. On the last saturday every month we invite four musicians from different generations and with different musical backgrounds to play together, exchanging musical idéas and learn from each other. We wish to pass on musical legacies and show similarities (and dissimilarities) creating a place for music without boundaries. Each night will also have two alternating DJ’s from different generations.

You find us at Pygmeteatern, Vegagatan 17. T-Odenplan
Open from 7 p.m. with DJ’s and live music

Entrance from 50 to 150 SEK according to ability.

The program so far:

31/1 Roland Keijser, woodwinds – Sara Parkman, violin – Vilhelm Bromander, bass – Bengt Berger, drums – Jörgen Adolfsson, DJ – Elias Krantz, DJ A great evening with lots of people it was!

28/2 Jörgen Adolfsson, saxophones? – Elsa Bergman, bass – Bengt Berger, drums – Elias Krantz, guitar – Liselotte Norelius, DJ – Gustav Magnusson Holm, DJ

28/3 Lise-lotte Norelius, percussion, electronics – Oskar Carls, saxophone – Elsa Bergman, bass – Bengt Berger, drums – Elias och Sigge Krantz, DJ:s

24/4 Signe Dahlgreen and Dror Feiler, saxes; Gus Loxbo, bass; Bengt Berger, drums.

30/5 Familjen Krantz och Thord Bengtsson

See ya
/Elias, Elsa och Beche