Sadanand Naimpalli in Stockholm

Posted 2010-11-12

In december 10 2010, 43 years after recording our CE01 and CEX02 albums, Pandit Sadanand Naimpalli has become one of the handful tabla players to be rated as "Top Grade Artist" by the All India Radio. He played a concert at Södra Teatern in Stockholm together with Pandit Nityanand Haldipur, the fabulous flute player. 
Swedish daily SvD had a fine review.

Videos w Sadanandji from Stockholm 2010:
Ajrada Peshkar after Ustad Habibuddin Khan

Here Pandit Sadanand plays the Meghandabar Paran, a famous composition by the great pakhawaj player Kudo Singh Maharaj. It depicts thunder and lightning and was recorded during Sadanandji’s visit to Stockholm in december 2010: