Kjell Westling remembered

Posted 2021-09-09

Last year ten years had passed since the incomparable musician genius and friend Kjell Westling passed.

We wanted to honor his memory by having a big party for him – for his friends, colleagues and everybody else that misses him but then the pandemic hit us.

Now, things are slowly easing up and we hope to have the party at Fasching at 3 p.m. on Sunday November 21.

A few of us around his wife Anita Sjöblom-Westling want to present his musical achievements in several formats at a big function with lots of music, performances and memories capturing our friend.

With your help we will collect a documentation of his multi-faceted artistic life so we hope you who have experiences with or of him will share this.

If you have recordings, photos or other stuff that we can include, please contact us. You who worked with Kjelle might want to perform, and you with memories of him, what can you tell?

Anita will be the coordinating power in this so please contact her.
Write a letter, call or send an e-mail before April 1, to
Anita S. Westling
Barks väg 6
170 73 Solna
+46 70 657 0806 

But before that two radio shows about Kjell are broadcasted Swedish National Radio.
Catch them here.

And before that a book about him, Kjell Westling och Musiken is published with tales by a lot of friends and colleagues.
It will be released at Rönells on September 18th with quite a few of us talking and playing.

Some info on Kjell Westling for you who are not familiar with his work