Livet Nord, 5-stringed violin, viola

Posted 2016-05-04

“Livet Nord is completely dazzling with her violin and viola. The violas’ darker voice gives a different sort of weight to the whole, the violin glitters, flatters and demands our attention. She makes the Violin become a voice, a wind, a space, a crystal .”

Livet Nord is an esteemed freelance musician, producer, project manager, concert organizer and violin pedagogue based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since 1996 she has worked as a musician in a variety of formations and projects and toured throughout the world. She creates international cultural exchange projects between Sweden and other countries. New Tide Orquesta and Kaja are two of the groups she is an important member of. You will also find her playing the violin at over 40 phonograms and Livet also runs the record label Kakafon Records wich has released some of Swedens’ most prominent artists and groups within Swedish folk/world music.