Haci Tekbilek is artist of the year!

Posted 2011-06-17

Out of three nominees for Artist of the Year, we had two from the C&E label with releases during last year. As you might know their albums on Country & Eastern were nominated for the Grammy (Jonas for Blåslåtar) and Manifest (Haci for Türlü) awards in january.

We congratulate Haci who was not able to accept the prize in person as he had to rush to his very sick mother in Turkey. The award was accepted by Bengt Berger of C&E who said on Haci’s behalf that he was very happy for the prize as well as very sad for his mother. Now he is back in Sweden and he recieved his award today, on june 18th. Haci is ready to play. If you want to book him, call him at +46763250149.

More about Haci here.

Here is a hires photo of Haci Tekbilek by Anna Simonsson

Slide show from the turkish recordings for Türlü.