Good news for lovers of Hindustani music

Posted 2018-06-29

In the seventies, when the great contemporary North Indian Classical musicians started to spread their music over the world, the small Swedish label Amigo Records had the foresight to record and release quite a few of them on vinyl when they visited Sweden. Since these recordings have stood the test of time with grace, and since they are not available today, we decided at the end of the nineties to release some of them on CD in a new 900-series  adding a couple of recordings with Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar that I had released on LP around the same time.

Later on the Amigo label was acquired by Bonniers, a big publishing company that wanted to get into the music business. After a couple of years I got a letter asking if I wanted to buy their stock of these cd’s since they were going to be destroyed as they were so called “slow moving items” a category of music that doesn’t quite agree with current economic desires. Rather than seeing these great albums exstinguished I bought them and have since then sold them here. I tried to buy the digital rights for them as well but was told they will put them in the digital domain later on.

This was more than ten years ago and nothing ever happened, this music has only been possible to hear from Country & Eastern. Until now when suddenly I see them on iTunes and Spotify. So congratulations to you, you can now listen to this great music at Spotify or download it from iTunes and other similar sites. If you want the physical cd’s you still have to buy them from us.

This might be a small consolation for those of you waiting for our new Dhrupad recordings to finally hit the digital domain.

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