“Ethereal beauty Thomas Tidholm, Jonas Knutsson: Orsa By Night”

Posted 2015-12-07

Raul da Gama gives us one more incredibly well written review of our album Orsa at Night with Thomas Tidholm and Jonas Knutsson. One blushes.

A few excerpts (but please enjoy his complete text at JazzDaGama):

“This is a glorious disc. Simply glorious.”
“Jonas Knutsson’s breathing technic has enabled him to explore the texture and tonal colour of notes like no saxophonist playing today and both Thomas Tidholm, in the woody textures of his clarinet and the lilting beauty of his poetry work like a hand in a velvet glove. There is a rare intertwining of musical personalities and the framing of idiomatic music and this makes the disc quite breathtaking.”
“There is of course something innately Swedish about them and even in the mystery of the Swedish poetry but when the instrumental music comes around there is a world view about them.”
“The result is a clear labour of love and one in which the musicians shine new light on old music to mesmerising effect, all of which is captured by a warmly sympathetic recording by Jonas Knutsson and an engaging Swedish poem by Thomas Tidholm, and thankfully, no other booklet notes to take away from anything in the music and the poetry.”