Enjoy another 75 years Karaikudi Mani Iyer!

Posted 2020-09-10

On Karaikudi Mani Iyer’s 75th birthday (September 11, 2020) I want to thank him again for all he did for me, among other things helping to secure our concert in Chennai with Beches Indian Brew in 2016. This is a video filmed by Petit Con when we are thanked by Y.Prabhu Sir of Sri Krishna Gana Sabha at the conclusion of our concert, being given shawls by Mani Sir. Thanks again to Sornalatha Akkarai, J.B. Srutisagar, N. Amrit and V.V. Suresh for joining us in our music and of course to the Swedish musicians Staffan Svensson, Sir Thomas Jäderlund, Mats Öberg, Göran Klinghagen, Stefan Bellnäs, Max Schultz, Liselotte Norelius and Sigge Krantz. :https://youtu.be/LfdYniKSLjs