December 6: Nisse-Polka w Mirja Mäkelä

Posted 2017-12-06

Mirja Mäkelä sings a Finnish Christmas song, Nisse-Polka, with The Country & Eastern Party Band, but since Mirja was not with us in the recording studio but sent us her recorded singing the Party Band had to do the accompaniment afterwards! Mirja says: “This is the story: At first, I sent you a demo-recording of the song (me + a Finnish piano player Riitta Paakki) as an example. Then, you recorded the accompaniment without me in Sweden, and then I recorded the voice on top of it in Finland. Great session, härlig skiva, tack alla!!! Puss och kram 🙂 i miss you ♥”

Mirja Mäkelä

Most photos from the recording session were shot by Jon Edergren from Electric Boogie.

All songs in the christmas calendar are from our album Another Christmas/Alternativ Jul

Here is a review of the Christmas album (Swedish only) in Tidningen Kulturen and one from Arbetet