The concert November 26 at Stallet has been postponed!

Posted 2013-11-06

Here is an excerpt of a Ravel piece from our first concert with Filip Jers: 130924_Ravel

September 24, October 29 and November 26 are the thursdays for musical adventures in a series of concerts at Stallet in Stockholm with piano giant Carl-Axel Dominique and percussionist Bengt Berger with guests. Our october guest will be singer Jenny Gustafsson and in November we should have been joined by multi-instrumentalist Elias Krantz. We play modern music by others and ourselves. Here you can see us practicing a quite difficult Messian piece, we call our version Trädgårdssångerskan. 

In the second concert our guest was Jenny Gustafsson!
The third concert is postponed but eventually we will be joined by Elias Krantz.