C&E Newsletter – Januari 2017

Posted 2017-02-17

Farewell concerts in 2017 !

Country & Eastern newsletter Januari 2017

At the end of the summer I’ll be 75. I have decided that this will be my last year as a performing musician. It’s time to grow up, next year my playing will take place in the private sphere only. During this summer and fall I hope I can do some final concerts with the various groups I’m a member of. If you are booking and interested, get in touch. If you are a listener look out for our performances.

Beches Indian Brew:

“There is vorticist movement in percussion colorist Bengt Berger’s music. Like a whirling fluid mass slingshot around the world – although anchored in the broad folk forms of Swedish music – it sucks in the dancing and chanting, moaning and prancing rhythmic Hindustani and Carnatic music of India and West Africa, especially that of Ghana.” – Raul d’Gama, All About Jazz

In January 2016 Beches Brew played concerts in Chennai, Mumbai and Pune together with some of today’s greatest musicians in the Karnatic and Hindustani traditions and last October the wonderful Akkarai Sisters accompanied by Jayachandra Rao and Shreesundarkumar on mridangam and khanjira paid us a return visit. My old teacher Ewe Master Drummer Doe Kushiator from Ghana also joined. We did a two week tour and had a great time, making good music together. We hope we will be able to bring them back again, how about August?

At the end of August we will release a live album from the October concerts.

Beches Brew will of course play without our foreign guests as well. We number from 3 to 10 musicians depending on money and other worldly circumstances. You will surely enjoy hearing these great musicians: Staffan SvenssonThomas GustafssonStefan Bellnäs, Max Schultz, Livet Nord, Jonas KnutssonSir Thomas JäderlundLise-Lotte NoreliusGöran KlinghagenBengt Berger

The power and glory of music

“A largely improvised program with text and music around the power of music and the glory of creation with author Niklas Rådström and the Berger Knutsson Spering Schultz group. Music by Bach, Messiaen, Coltrane, Cherry and ourselves with texts depending on the weather, time of day and year, daily happenings och our own personal whims.” – Niklas Rådström

Bengt Berger, Jonas Knutsson, Christian Spering, Max Schultz and Niklas Rådström intend to continue our cooperation in a program about music and spirituality. We do this under MTA management and will perform in churches and similar settings.

Berger Knutsson Spering Schultz will naturally keep playing our own music in regular jazz venues as well during this year.

Lisa – Beche – Kat – Nikke

Our names are Lisa Ullén, Bengt Berger, Kat Hernandez och Nikke Ström.
We played ONE concert. It was wonderful so we want to play one more.

Don’t miss the Akkarai Sisters broadcast Jan 19

Two hours from the karnatic concert that Akkarai Sisters gave at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm on October 25 are broadcasted at 6 GMT on Januari 19 on Swedish National Radio. You find it here, it will be available for listening for 30 days.

Here are some videos from our Indian concerts

and here are other Country & Eastern videos

Bye now

Bengt “Beche” Berger
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“Thank you, Lord, for the food we are about to receive, and for Bengt Berger!”- Alexander Agrell, SSvD