BKS w Niklas Rådström in july with “A Don Giovanni Crossover” in Karlskrona!

Posted 2011-05-18

The Berger Knutsson Spering Trio is continuating our fruitful cooperation with Niklas Rådström. Next we will do three concerts together at Lyckå Chamber Music Festival i Karlskrona in the beginning of july. 
On july 6 the four of us will have one concert – Nactht Musik at Kungshalls magasin – on Stumholmen in Karlskrona.
Then on july 9 and 10 we will do two concerts called "A Don Giovanni Crossover" where Niklas will read his text on Mozart and we will play with the Camerata Lyckensis and soloists under Berth Nilsson. These will take place at Johannishus slott, Stenladan at saturday 8 p.m. and sunday at 6 p.m.