Beethoven Grand Tour – rehearsals started

Posted 2013-05-03

Country & Eastern has recieved a grant from Statens musikverk to produce a piece that Niklas Rådström presents thus: “In Beethoven Grand Tour we want to capture the Beethoven that connects music tradition with subversive modernism, the language of art music with unpredictable improvisation. Beethoven’s persona combines the old and the new, the society of privilege with the growth of democracy, the personal with the public.”

The first rehearsal just took place in what will be a meeting between the Indra String Quartet, the Berger Knutsson Spering trio, author Niklas Rådström and Berth Nilsson’s Camerata Lyckensis at the 30th edition of Lyckå Kammarmusikfestival in Karlskrona in the beginning of july.

to be continued