Beches Brew – West Coast Edition at Glenn Miller and Mosebacke Brunch

Posted 2011-03-01

Swedish Intangible Asset No 1 Stefan Bellnäs, bass;
Swedish National Treasure No 1 Thomas Gustafsson, saxophones;
Swedish Intangible Asset No 2 Sir Thomas Jäderlund, saxophones;
Göran Klinghagen, banjo and guitar, new Swedish Intangible Asset No 3 awardee!
Bengt Berger, drums.

Livet Nord was unfortunately unable to take part this time.

Here is a short video with the band.

and here is a hires photo the group. Photographer: Lucas Stark.
The image may be used for editorial purposes. Please contact if you have any questions.

Here is a slide show from Glenn Miller 110408