Beches Brew BIG och BAG

Posted 2013-11-15

The quintet from Bengt Berger’s praised album BECHES BREW has grown into nine musicians making the music still more diversified and personal. The original music in BECHES BREW BIG stems from many sources apart from jazz – India and West Africa comes readily into mind. In this live recording from two wonderful nights at the major jazz scenes in Sweden you will find a strong affinity with the way Charles Mingus used to handle his groups and his way of making music: the emotional collective music making and focus on the musicians individuality. The great musicians in the group are Livet Nord, Thomas Gustafsson, Jonas Knutsson, Sir Thomas Jäderlund, Mats Öberg, Göran Klinghagen, Max Schultz, Stefan Bellnäs and Bengt Berger. So much good music was recorded during these two nights that we had to give you a digital-only album as well: BECHES BREW BAG (CEX17)