Xylofonorkestern (The Xylophone Orchestra)

Posted 2014-09-19

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Different roles, which often overlap each other, are crystallised in the group. The role of the bass xylophones is not merely to provide a foundation of various bass lines; they also have a melodic function, yet here among the pentatonic bass xylophones we have perhaps the foremost rhythmic talents – Santiago and Caroline, who really make the whole ship roll!

Towards the end of ”Desireless/Speechless”, Tomas freely plays complicated rhythmic lines on the bass xylophone whilst singing a melody above which only coincides with the bass line in a few places: totally brilliant and unimagi- nable!

Jennie Lind was a fully-fledged singer when I came to ”Stora Blå”. Now she is also a xylophonist and the orchestra’s pianist – hear Jennie’s piano and Caroline’s vibraphone improvise towards the end of ”Känguru” (Kangaroo) and at the start of ”Happiness”.

Manfred has a gift for rhythm and melody, but his greatest contribution is perhaps his continual inventiveness, which has given many important details in this xylophone puzzle. One important ingredient in the orchestra’s music is the sounds that do not come from wood. This is where Emiel contributes significantly to the rich sound of the orchestra with his sensitive ability to listen and to fastidiously play gongs, cymbals and other metal instruments.

The purely rhythmical percussion role is shared by Daniel on hi-hat and snare drum and Anders on cajón, bells and ceramic drums; both bring enthusiasm and know-how.

Thanks to Auris AB, Innovative Percussion and Nytida’s day centre Stora Blå kultur – and not least Anders Jalméus, Stora Blå’s leader.