Stefan Bellnäs

Posted 2018-09-13

He plays anything from metal to folk music as if it is his very speciality”

Stefan Bellnäs hails from Jönköping, spend some years in Malmö and then for many years in Gothenburg where he is in great demand and can be heard more nights of the week than not due to his broad musical knowledge and inspiring playing. He has played everything from metal to folk music, from free form to country, from funk to finnish tango and latin, accompanying many artists and played in a great number of groups with numerous albums to his credit.The reason is probably that he plays any kind of music as if his life depends on it. He is a member of Beches Brew and plays on so many albums with other peoples music but on November 3 2018, he finally served us the first album in his own name: Podunk.

Stefan Bellnäs is an essential part of these albums: CE27, CE38, CE41, CEX17, CEX23

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