Sharadchandra Arolkar

Posted 2021-08-11

A doyen of the Gwalior Gharana, Pandit Sharadchandra Arolkar was born in 1912 in Karachi but he moved to Gwalior, where he learned from three acknowledged masters, Pandit Krishnrao Shankar Pandit, his uncle Pandit Eknath Pandit and Pandit Krishnrao Mulay. He had an extensive repertoire of 600 rare and authentic bandishes, ranging from classical dhrupad and khayal to light classical tappa, thumri and dadra as well as some 350 self-composed themes. Reclusive by temperament all his life, yet when he performed, his music came as a brilliant revelation. Pandit Arolkar died in 1994.
We are happy to release a rare two and a half hour recording from a 1968 private concert in Chembur, Bombay on October 8, 2021.

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