Sadanand Naimpalli

Posted 2013-08-12

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On december 10, 2010, 43 years after recording CE01 and CEX02 Sadand played a concert at Södra Teatern in Stockholm together with Pandit Nityanand Haldipur, the fabulous flute player.
Swedish daily SvD run a review of the concert (in swedish).

Videos w Sadanandji from Stockholm 2010
Ajrada Peshkar after Ustad Habibuddin Khan:

Here Pandit Sadanand plays the Megandhabar Paran, a famous composition by the great pakhawaj player Kudo Singh Maharaj. It depicts thunder and lightning and was recorded during Sadanandji’s visit to Stockholm in december 2010:

Sadanand last made a short visit to Stockholm and Helsinki in april 2015 for some teaching when these videos were made. He was also portraited by Swedish artist Martin Ehrling:

2015 Sadanand Naimpalli by Martin Ehrling