Mats Öberg

Posted 2013-08-12

Mats Öberg is the keyboard genius that can play anything, be it by Frank Zappa, Charlie Parker, Herp Alpert, Stevie Wonder or Fela Kuti. And that with a joy and power of expression that knocks anybody out.

Mats is an essential member in many of the C&E projects, albums and live.
CE03 Berger Knutsson Spering & Friends: See You in A Minute
CE10 Mats Öberg and Jonas Knutsson: LIVE
CE12 C&E PArty Band: Country & Eastern Christmas
CE13 Bengt Berger: Beches Brew
CE15 Haci Tekbilek: Türlü
CE18 Per Tjernberg: Music Is My Salvation
CE25 Willemark, Knutsson, Öberg
CE27 Beches Brew – BIG
CEX01 Berger Knutsson Spering & Friends: See You In A Minute –  The Extra Takes
CEX17 Beches Brew – BAG
CEX33 Viltvarning – Live at Fasching 2002
AMCD885 Old School – All Time High
GAFCD_1114 BeFive

Mats in a member of Beches Brew, the Jonas Knutsson/Mats Öberg Duo, Willemark-Knutsson-Öberg, C&E Party Band and is a frequent collaborator in the various projects in our circle of musicians.

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