Göran Klinghagen

Posted 2019-10-01

Guitar giant Göran Klinghagen has been one of the leading contemporary jazz musicians in Sweden for a long time. He is well known to the Country & Eastern listeners as his very personal guitar playing is featured on quite a few of our albums as he has been an important ingredient in the various Beches Brew projects. We are proud to release his own album Hälsingland where he gives us his own take on the Swedish folk music he grew up with in arrangements coloured by his many years of contemporary jazz music. This project becomes very international in that he performs together with great German jazz musicians and the lyrics are translated from Swedish into German and English or newly written and sung by Fola Dada.

Göran: It’s just a vision, a sound, a picture of a quiet lake or a tree waiting for something to start … a melody created by it’s surrounding nature, just pick it up and use it to celebrate life … transform it into something from the inside, trying to be a tool and tell the story like it is … maybe poetry … maybe not … maybe the story that we deeply understood when we were born, by the lake, beside the trees, in the Universe.

Here is a particularly well written review by Raul da Gama!


Göran Klinghagen – Swedish Intangible Asset III

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CE38 Beches Indian Brew
CE41 Gothenburg
CEX23 Gothenburg Live
CEX33 Viltvarning – Live at Fasching 2002
CEX42 Hälsingland
CEX37 COOL FUNERAL BEER – DAY 1 – The Final Ancestor Shrine

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