Ellika Solo Rafael

Posted 2013-08-12

Solo Sissokho (photo by Sigge Krantz)

We are struck with the loss of one more great musician friend in May 2019. After a couple of years of ailment the great kora griot Solo Sissokho has died. Together with Rafael Sida and Ellika Frisell, Solo the did the lovely album NOW on Country & Eastern a few years back.

Violinist Ellika Frisell and singer and kora player Solo Cissokho has been a celebrated duo for years. NOW they are enhanced with percussionist Rafael Sida.
Ellika plays in the rich swedish folk tradition whereas Solo is a griot from Senegal, a storyteller, praise singer and wandering musician. Legendary drummer and percussionist Rafael Sida from Mexico is a prominent member on the Swedish jazz and world music scene.
This is music from Sweden, Senegal and Mexico in a colorful mix that also highlights the strong musical individuality of each musician. A lyrical, groovy and unique music for dancing, listening or both.
Ellika Frisell and Solo Cissokho first met in Stockholm in 1998. After two prize winning albums and recieving the BBC World Music Award they have taken a further step by including master percussionist Rafael Sida in the group.

On september 11, 2013 we released their first C&E album NOW at a release concert in Stockholm.

Ellika Solo Rafael won the “Folk Music Group of the Year” award at the Swedish Folk Music Gala in february 2014!

Ellika Frisell is a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Music since may 2014.

Info about the album and samples here.

Here is a video of Sanka/Virrvals

and one of Dolo/Porque se fue


and a live video with Ellika Solo Rafael in which Sigge Krantz is sitting in on bass:


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