Elisabeth Engdahl & Thomas Gustafsson

Posted 2013-08-12

All around are to be found empty acoustic rooms and silent organ pipes waiting to be filled with new music. Churches are increasingly-important concert venues and with these pieces Elisabeth Engdahl and Thomas Gustafsson have created music to fill the vaults with sounds  to vibrate far beyond their walls. – Niklas Rådström

Composer, arranger, band leader, saxophonist, keyboardist Elisabeth Engdahl is also a noted player of the church organ. Together with husband Thomas Gustafsson, she performs somewhat sacred music from various sources, classical, jazz as well as their own compositions.

S:t Thomas Gustafsson, the first “Swedish National Treasure” awardee is a frequent participator in Country & Eastern projects since the time of the Bitter Funeral Beer Band in the early 80’s playing an important part in the See You In A Minute and Beches Brew albums and in various live projects. On this album Piece in Peace, he plays the soprano saxophone exclusively.
You can hear Thomas on the following C&E albums:
CE 03 See You In A Minute
CE09 Bitter Funeral Beer Band Live – Frankfurt 1982
CE13 Bengt Berger: Beches Brew
CE23 Elisabeth Engdahl & Thomas Gustafsson: Piece In Peace
CE27 Beches Brew BIG
CE37 Elisabeth Engdahl & Thomas Gustafsson: Ori Variations
CE38 Beches Indian Brew
CE41 Gothenburg
CEX01 See You In A Minute –  The Extra Takes
CEX09 Bitter Funeral Beer Band: Live in Nürnberg 1984
CEX17 Beches Brew BAG
CEX23 Gothenburg Live
CEX33 Viltvarning – Live at Fasching 2002
CEX37 COOL FUNERAL BEER – DAY 1 – The Final Ancestor Shrine
CEX38 Chapter Seven in Chicago 1990

Here is the Engdahl-Gustafsson site and here you find Thomas.

Their second album Ori Variations was released on August 24, 2017

Ori Variations (CE37)

all records with Elisabeth Engdahl & Thomas Gustafsson

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On the opening piece of the Beches Brew BIG album Thomas plays a great solo. After the album release I wrote a text to it that Jonas Knutsson wrote down of Babel Twist, here is a video of that with notation and some photos of the other great soloists, Mats Öberg and Max Schultz:

The album was recorded live in September 2012 by Sigge Krantz who has mixed it as well.