Country & Eastern Party Band

Posted 2013-08-12

The C&E Party Band was came into existence some years back when a friend was having her birthday and Mats Öberg, Bengt Berger and Jonas Knutsson played at her party. The music was various standards from various genres (Banana Boat Song, Baby Elephant Walk, Besame Mucho, Bueno Sera to name a few) and we found that we could have a lot of fun with them. Trumpet player Lars Almqvist, tubaist Per Sjöberg and multi-instrumentalist genious Kjell Westling joined as well as guitarist Max Schultz, bassist Daniel Bingert and other friends on occasion.

In 1977 we decided to do an album of Christmas songs and invited a lot of singers to do one song each.  We had a wonderful recording in june complete with Christmas food and drinks in one day with no opportunities for rehearsals or second takes. The result is heard on our double album A Country & Eastern Christmas. These are the singers: SOFIA JERNBERG-LINA NYBERG -OLLE PERSSON-SOFIA BERG-BÖHM-TORKEL RASMUSSON-MIRJA MÄKELÄ-MARIE SELANDER-KAYA ÅLANDER-SHIPRANANDY-ALE MÖLLER-GUNNEL MAURITZSON-ULRIKA MURRAY-LARS ALMQVIST-PER SJÖBERG-KARIN INDE-MONIKA SÖDERBERG-NICOLAI DUNGER-ALE MÖLLER-MAMADOU SENE-LARS-GÖRAN PERSSON-NIKLAS RÅDSTRÖM-LENA WILLEMARK-ANITA LIVSTRAND plus THE COUNTRY & EASTERN PARTY BAND(Lars Almqvist, Bengt Berger, Jonas Knutsson, Per Sjöberg, Kjell Westling and Mats Öberg)

2017 marks 10 years since we did the Christmas album. As usual one song a day can be heard from December 1 when you go to

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