All of our 2012 releases

Posted 2012-11-17

Bengt Berger-Roland Keijser-Kjell Westling:
The Vedbod Tapes and More Vedbod Tapes
In a “vedbod” (woodshed in swedish) in the swedish countryside three young instrumentalists from the progressive music movement met for three days in the summer of 1977 to play as many meaningful notes as possible. Here are quite a few of them on one cd and one digital-only album with two extra tracks.

ISKRA:   Liberté, Égalité, Humanité
From 1970 to 1992, ISKRA was Scandinavia’s foremost group for free improvised music. They made fanciful, unpredictable, uniquely personal music that transgressed all genre boundaries. ISKRA’s music was built on collective improvisation, and the arsenal of instruments used was limitless. In 2003 original members Jörgen Adolfsson, Tuomo Haapala, Sune Spångberg and Arvid Uggla reunited at Café Aguéli in Stockholm for this spontaneous and wonderful casual concert.

Shashi and Ravi Bellare:  Tabla Jugalbandi for Ustad Shamsuddin Khan’s Punyatithi, 1968  
A Private Tabla Concert, Chembur 1968 (solo with Ravi Bellare) 

These live recordings from 1968 of Shashi and Ravi Bellare will become a treasure for any tabla player. The compositions played are very rare and authentic. Both Shashi and Ravi play in a spontaneous and off the cuff fashion keeping the audience engrossed and on the edge until the sum of each composition. In the tabla solo album (only in digital format) Ravi’s genius  stands out. To the layman this recording will be a treat to listen to, for the aspiring student it will be a life long pursuit to master the art and play it the way Ravi Bellare plays it in this incredible intimate solo recital.

 Elias Krantz: Night Ice
You might be reminded of Krautrock or modern post-rock, but obviously Elias Krantz has a very personal and unique musical language. His 2011 album Night Ice is now finally available on vinyl as well. 

Elisabeth Engdahl – Thomas Gustafsson: Piece in Peace
Organ player Engdahl and soprano saxophonist Gustafsson have created music to fill the empty acoustic rooms and silent organ pipes with sounds to vibrate far beyond the walls of the church. 

 Christian Spering: Inside Bach 
One of Sweden’s foremost instrumentalists all categories, Christian Spering, recaptures the Bach that was not only a master of counterpoint and the polyphonic musical form, but also an outstanding improviser. 


Country & Eastern Party BandCountry & Eastern Christmas 
In 1977 we decided to do an album of Christmas songs and invited a lot of singers to do one song each.  We had a wonderful recording in june complete with Christmas food and drinks in one day with no opportunities for rehearsals or second takes. The result is heard on our double album A Country & Eastern Christmas. These are the singers: SOFIA JERNBERG-LINA NYBERG -OLLE PERSSON-SOFIA BERG-BÖHM-TORKEL RASMUSSON-MIRJA MÄKELÄ-MARIE SELANDER-KAYA ÅLANDER-SHIPRANANDY-ALE MÖLLER-GUNNEL MAURITZSON-ULRIKA MURRAY-LARS ALMQVIST-PER SJÖBERG-KARIN INDE-MONIKA SÖDERBERG-NICOLAI DUNGER-ALE MÖLLER-MAMADOU SENE-LARS-GÖRAN PERSSON-NIKLAS RÅDSTRÖM-LENA WILLEMARK-ANITA LIVSTRAND plus THE COUNTRY & EASTERN PARTY BAND(Lars Almqvist, Bengt Berger, Jonas Knutsson, Per Sjöberg, Kjell Westling and Mats Öberg)