Adam Rudolph GO: Organic Orchestra workshop at the Dome july 10-14

Posted 2012-07-03

GO: ORGANIC ORCHESTRA DOME PROJECT: A teaching residency for music students and/or professionals that includes the involvement of locally based musicians. ANY and ALL backgrounds in music welcome included western classically trained, jazz players as well as musicians with backgrounds in world music: (traditional folk and classical music of all kinds, also African, North African, Indian, etc etc). ANY and ALL instruments are welcome including students/artists who work in the area of avant improv, laptop, electronics, spoken word)

Information about GO:ORGANIC ORCHESTRA (including videos)
at Adam’s Meta Records site and Adam’s bio
An article about his conducting from Wall Street Journal
Adam Rudolph article: Music and Mysticism, Rhythm and Form, A Blues Romance in 12 Parts

We will meet at The Bucky Dome at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.
Tuesday july 10 at 5-8 pm
Wednesday – friday july 11-13 at 3-6 pm
Concert on saturday july 14 at 7 pm

PS Apart from the fact that the above photo is very good, I’m involved in this because Adam and I have a long history together, having learned from the same tabla guru, having studied the same ghanaian music and both having played a lot with Don Cherry who was working in the original Dome in 1971. /beche

Some recent International concerts and residencies: Naples, Italy – Ensemble Dissonanzen, Is Jazz ensemble Copenhagen, Denmark, New Jungle Orchestra, Kristiansand, Norway, Kristiansand Conservatory Istanbul, Turkey, ISCMS 2010 Palermo, Sicily, Conservatorio Di Musicavincenzo Bellini Palermo New York City – Columbia University Los Angeles, California – Electric Lodge Danish Jazz Summer Institute Sibelius Academy of Tampere, Finland Dartmouth University, New Hampshire

Reviews: Down Beat
CD reviews: 
Top 10 CDs of 2011 – Rudolph conducts improvisationally a large coterie of New York City‚s most accomplished musicians from across jazz and world music scenes, arriving at some unique harmonies and compelling episodes from what could be a model for a contemporary symphony. – Howard Mandel, Jazz Beyond Jazz 
The Sound of a Dream is the best orchestral improvisation disc of the year. You really NEED to hear this special offering! Bruce Lee Gallanter – Downtown Music Gallery 2011
GO: ORGANIC ORCHESTRA – CONCERT REVIEWS ” I caught a performance Go: Organic Orchestra down in SoHo last spring and was swept away by what they were doing. It was fascinating and ahead of its time, in the best possible way. I loved every minute of it. ” – Marc Meyers, 
Of the 10+ times I attended at Roulette, every time was absolutely magical and distinct, yet sublimely unified and delicately cohesive. – Charles Blass Sun Radio, Switzerland 
” I was fortunate to have attended two nights with Adam Rudolph’s Go: Organic Orchestra at Roulette a few months back and was blown away by Adam’s distinctive blend of jazz and world music as well as his conducting.” – Bruce Lee Gallanter – Downtown Music Gallery
“The music, performed by a large ensemble of wind and percussion players, rose like vines from hand drummer Adam Rudolph’s written instructions and hand signals. And it truly is organic — a blend of gentle sustained dissonance, heaven-crashing rhythm jams, and individual improvisations. No joke: a startling and involving development in roots music, with more to follow.” – Greg Burk, LA Weekly
“This mixture of planning and spontaneity is brought to life with such a high level of musicality that the organic part of the group‚s name is always honored. – Steve Holtje, The Big Takeover
“Extraordinary…. the audience was absolutely absorbed. – Howard Mandel, Jazz beyond Jazz