The Bucky Dome in the summer of 2012

Posted 2012-09-04

In the garden shared by the museum of Architecture and the Museum of Modern Art, the Bucky Dome, a copy of the one that was part of the 1971 exhibition “Utopier och Visioner”,  was inaugurated on may 17 with a performance by Bengt Carling and Da Wind Chi followed by a concert by the Organic Music Orchestra and Neneh and Eagle-Eye Cherry (who had lived with parents Don and Moki in the original Dome, making music) plus one with The Cherry Thing. An exhibition with Moki’s work opened.

On may 19, The Organic Music Orchestra did another show at the re-release of the Don Cherry album “Organic Music” that was partly recorded in the 1971 Dome. In the band was long time Cherry Associates Christer Bothén and Bengt Berger together with David Cherry, Jayadeva, Jonas Knutsson, Christian Spering, Per Tjernberg and Mats Öberg. Another release was held a few days later when Country & Eastern premiered the spring releases with live music by Iskra and Roland Keijser-Bengt Berger.

Other concerts during the summer included Okay Temiz and Oriental Wind, Bernt Rosengren Quartet, Kalousch, Christer Bothén, the Gigantofon workshops, Leo Svensson Trio, Haci Tekbilek Trio, Xylofonorkestern Stora Blå and more.

One of the main musical projects has been the Don Cherry Workshops that have taken place every tuesday. With the Berger Knutsson Spering trio as a base all interested have been studying the music associated with Don Cherry in rehearsals open to the puplic. Among the playing guests we have met many masterful musicians, Mats Öberg, David Cherry, Jonas Kullhammar, Christer Bothén, Amanda Sedgwick, Thomas Gustafsson, Nils Berg, Lennart Åberg, Bengt Ernryd, Hans Backenroth, Katt Hernandez, Sir Thomas Jäderlund and Fredrik Ljunqvist to name a few.

In july, Adam Rudolph held a five day workshop in the Dome with some 20+ musicians sharing his rhythmic and melodic GO:Organic Music concept. It ended with a great concert on the last day.

Fylkingen gave lunch concerts under the label Juliaden and in august musicians collective IMPRA did the same thing labeled Lupino Live.

The Dome will end with a farewell concert on september 9 but during the week leading up to that there will be a celebration of John Cage who would have turned 100 on september 5. Lots of concerts and performances during this last week.

This is some of the stuff that happened in the Dome summer 2012. Hope you didn’t miss too much of it because of the lousy weather that followed the opening.